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OnePlus launches OnePlus Gear, a range of lifestyle products 



Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is expanding its lifestyle product offering outside of China. OnePlus has announced OnePlus Gear, a range of unique, high quality lifestyle products that reflect the OnePlus philosophy.

OnePlus currently has two t-shirts, two messenger bags (one of which is a premium leather companion), and a travel backpack, as part of its Gear offering. These are the schwags that you might have noticed at recent OnePlus pop-up events and giveaways.

With its simple and classic look, the OnePlus Travel Backpack is a spacious bag that marks you in a crowd as a member of the OnePlus family. Stylishly slim, the OnePlus Travel Messenger Bag will carry all of your daily essentials. With this bag, you have a choice of all-black canvas or light grey canvas with blue details. Beautiful to look at and comfortable to wear, the OnePlus Leather Messenger Bag is a premium travel companion.

Our t-shirts especially have received much pre-release fanfare. Help us spread the word about the end of overnight charging, with one of our comfortable and fun ‘Dash Charge’ t-shirts! We’ve also refined the fit and material of our iconic ‘Never Settle’ t-shirt.

You can grab some of OnePlus Gear at during a 24-hour flash sale on November 3 at 6:00am ET. Indian fans will have to wait a little longer as OnePlus Gear isn’t available in India just yet. So, stay tuned!

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