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Meet Opera Neon, a concept web browser for Mac and Windows



Opera Neon

Opera has announced Opera Neon, a concept web browser that is available today — for Mac and Windows — and you must try it!

The Opera Neon web browser doesn’t align with the actual Opera browser in any way; it’s just a re-imagining of what a browser can be, abandoning traditional conventions for a creative, interactive and fun-to-use window.

First off, the Neon reduces the gap between your lovely desktop and internet lifestyle. It adds a transparent layer on the screen, where you can see the omnibar and speed dial items that appear in a fancy interface.

Unlike the thin horizontal bar in other web browsers, the Opera Neon has its right column dedicated to tabs. The tabs appear in a round structure, with thumbnail being displayed from the webpage it belongs to.

Opera Neon

Gone are the days of looking for the tab that has your favorite music or video playing. The Neon offers an in-app drawer for all your multimedia stuffs, from music to video so you can play it without switching between tabs, hassle-free. You can even pop-up the video as a separate window.

You can also crop to snap the webpage, using the Snap tool included in the browser. It’s in-app and really easy to use. All the snaps you take are stored in a gallery that’s just beneath the Snap button.

Moreover, the Opera Neon has support for split screen inside the window, so you can browse two web pages at once. Simply move your cursor between pages for simultaneous browsing.

Opera Neon is available for Mac as well as Windows operating system. Let us know your thoughts on Neon!

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