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Mozilla has a new, minimalistic logo



Mozilla's New Logo

​Deigned by Johnson Banks, Mozilla’s new logo itself speaks of the internet, and the web firm’s brand identity, of course. It’s simple, clean, and minimalistic.

The new ‘moz://a’ is a simple-looking logo, with URL language, that reflects Mozilla’s ambition for a rich, healthy internet. “Selected to evoke the Courier font used as the original default in coding, Zilla has a journalistic feel reinforcing our commitment to participate in conversations about key issues of Internet health,” writes Mozilla in its open design blog post.

The font used in the wordmark — Zilla — is developed by Netherlands-based Typotheque for Mozilla, and is open as well as free for download. Anyone can create the logo by just typing ‘moz://a’ in Zilla, and highlighting the text.

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