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LG teases UX 6.0 on the G6’s FullView display



LG UX 6.0

​LG has announced the next iteration of its flavored Android skin, the UX 6.0, which will launch exclusively with the LG G6 when it launches later this month in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress 2017.

The update to LG’s UX skin is calibrated to work especially with the G6’s 5.7-inch QHD+ display with an unusual 18:9 aspect ratio, which the company is calling FullVision display. It also has a feature that lets you view 16:9 stuffs in 18:9 ratio easily.

The FullView display, as the name suggests, gives you more space on top and bottom — and that’s only in the LG G6 for now.

The mobile UX 6.0 does more to camera and multi-tasking. It brings a Square Camera feature, allowing you to split the 18:9 display into two identical frames for shooting in 1:1 format, which is quite popular among active social media users these days, and reviewing in the adjacent window. Moreover, there is also a tailored shooting mode for foodies, called Food Mode, with high color quality and saturation. You can create GIF files inside the app, too.

Along with impressive camera improvements, LG’s taking it to advanced multi-tasking as well. The two identical frames help perform a lot simultaneously. You can write an email while checking your news feed or surfing the web — it’s not anything new, but the 18:9 screen ratio simplifies (or suits) the entire user experience.

“The LG G6 with FullVision was inspired by the philosophy of experts in the movie industry who believe that an 18:9 ratio screen would be the best solution for viewing both old and new cinematic content in the digital age,” said Juno Cho, president of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We’ve not only embraced that philosophy in our newest smartphone but taken it to a whole new level by incorporating the 18:9 format in many other ways. I think users will appreciate the many ways we’ve made the LG G6 more productive.”

LG will unveil the flagship G6 with mobile UX 6.0 later this month, February 26 to be exact. Stay tuned for our MWC 2017 coverage.

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