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Live Location on Messenger brings real-time location sharing



Live Location on Messenger

Facebook has launched Live Location on Messenger, a new feature that allows for sharing your location in real-time with friends and family. You can now track your friends as they move around the city, provided that they’re sharing their locations with you. The Live Location feature is supported in personal as well as group conversations.

Personally, the real-time location sharing functionality is what excites me the most in navigation space. Google added added similar feature to its Maps a few days ago.

The integration of real-time location in a day-to-day conversational app, Messenger in this context, will see a lot coming, as in addition to a static snapshot of your location you would be able to send away your dynamic position as well. That said, you can’t lie to your friend that you’re on your way, while taking shower (well, that’s actually me!).

Live Location on Messenger

To make use of Live Location on Messenger, simply tap the Location icon or More icon and then select location. Live Locations are shared for 60 minutes, though you can stop at any time you want. While sharing the location, you will also get an ETA of how long it would take to get to other person’s place.

Live Location on Messenger is rolling out now on iOS and Android worldwide. Be sure to update your mobile Messenger app to the latest version, if automatic updates are turned off.

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