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Best Android Apps of the Month: April 2017



Best Android Apps: April 2017

Want to make use of that 256GB storage on your phone? April’s must-have or best mobile apps are here! Today, we bring you the latest and hottest apps — on iOS or Android — that we think you should at least give a try. You better clear all junk files from your phone so as to install these useful apps from App Store or Play Store. Lets begin!

Best Android Apps: April 2017

Focus Timer Reborn

Focus Timer Reborn, based upon Pomodoro Technique developed by Fransesco Cirillo in 1980s, is a work focus timer. The productivity app uses a timer to break down work into intervals — traditionally 25 minutes in length — followed by short breaks. Don’t try to take a pause during work session, if you really want to see how effective you were in the logs.

Shortcutter Quick Settings

Shortcutter Quick Settings makes use of Android Nougat’s Tile Service API, which also means it will only work on Android 7.0 or above, to provide a customized Android Quick Settings pull-down tray, equipped with custom shortcut tiles. You can get to know the available tiles over at Shortcutter Quick Settings Play Store page.


Next up we have GlassWire, an internet activity tracking app. The app gives you a better idea of where your data is flowing, with the ability to see how the data is divided among different apps, and a timeframe graph as well. The best part of GlassWire is that everything here is presented in a neat and clean user interface (something I would look while using apps). It also helps you identify apps that are running in the background without your knowledge, and slowing your device.


GigBloc lets you view and listen to songs recorded by bands in various cities. It helps you discover artists playing music you like near you.


People these days edit their photos more than their grammar. GrammarPal brings a solution to it, with its grammar fixing app. The app is basically what you would expect a grammar-correction app to be — spell checker, punctuations, style and any grammar issue — but the best part here is that it works everywhere across the mobile OS, from note taking apps to messaging apps. You wouldn’t have to open up the app (after you’ve configured it all), GrammarPal app appears (kinda) when you’re typing. A little refresh icon will appear on-screen when you start typing; simply press it when done, and the app will recommend you with all the necessary fixes and suggestions for that particular text.

What do you think of these apps? Please drop us your views regarding the apps mentioned above in the comments below!

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