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Apple acquires digital marketing startup DataTiger

With iPhone sales coming lower than expected, this might actually help.




Apple has acquired digital marketing startup DataTiger, reports Bloomberg. The report cites a regulatory filing from December that quotes Apple as the controlling body for Operatedata Ltd., the legal name of DataTiger.

DataTiger’s CEO Philip Mohr writes “we’re re-thinking the whole marketing experience,” on LinkedIn.

DataTiger is a set of tools that enables you to build marketing software that puts your data to work. Using DataTiger is the fastest and easiest way to increase retention & monetisation. With our platform you can individually optimize the marketing flows for your customers in real-time across all channels.

DataTiger can be used as an online tool, importing your data and set up user flows in minutes, with all of your data living in the cloud – or it can be fully customized in-house, building your own marketing solution via our APIs + open-source front-end components.

Founded in 2017, DataTiger is relatively a small company, with 2-10 employees, headquartered in the UK. Apple hasn’t disclosed financial terms of the deal yet, however, it should be considered as a small-scale acquistion.

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