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Google Pay adds support for 11 more banks in the US

It’s already active in over 2,500 banks across the US.



Google Pay

Google Pay has expanded to 11 more banks in the US. The contactless payment system from Google now supports more than 2,500 banks and financial institutions across the States.

There are over thousands of banks and credit unions that fully support the tap-to-pay payment method. It helps to make in-store transactions contactless without needing your physical debit or credit card. The list published on the Google Pay US support page includes these new additions:

  • Americana Community Bank (MN)
  • Animas Credit Union (MN)
  • Bank of Alapaha (GA)
  • Finex Credit Union (CT)
  • First Harrison Bank (IN)
  • Frandsen Bank & Trust (MN)
  • GPA Credit Union (GA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (IA)
  • Glenwood State Bank (MN)
  • Heritage Community Bank (MO)
  • Hiawatha Bank and Trust Company (IA)
  • Stride Bank (OK)

Glenwood State Bank was listed way back, but the State was not specified so we’re unsure which one of two provided is new. As for mobile payments, the bank decides whether its cards will work with Google Pay, as they may restrict certain or all of its cards from making mobile payments for various reasons.

/ Android Police

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