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You can now add Apple Card to Mint

You can see your Apple Card balance in Mint, but not transactional information.



Apple Card

Mint is a popular budget tracker and planner that brings banks, bills, and credit cards together in one place. Now, you can link your Apple Card account to Mint, as first spotted on Reddit by 9to5Mac. The association between Apple Card and Mint has been made possible by the new web interface for Apple Card management that launched a week ago.

In order to link your Apple Card to your Mint account, you can simply use the “Find your account” tool. Search for Apple Card, then enter your Apple ID and password to log in. After you’ve logged in, you’ll need to confirm your identity with two-factor authentication. When authenticated, you’ll be able to see your details like balance, available credit, total credit, APR, and total fees directly.

Even though you can add your Apple Card to Mint, the integration remains a little glaring. While you can see your Apple Card balance in the app, it doesn’t support viewing transactional information.

The integration is not more diverse for now, but it may get improved over time. The good thing is you can view your Apple Card alongside all of your other accounts in one place.

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