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Google is reportedly planning to replace Duo with Meet

No immediate plan to shut down Google Duo, though.




A new report suggests that Google Duo is to be replaced by Google Meet. Both Duo and Meet are video calling apps from Google that offer similar services.

Whereas Meet has become Google’s alternative to Zoom for enterprise customers, Duo works more like FaceTime with the ability to work on low-bandwidth networks for regular users.

Since the purpose of both video calling apps is the same, though with a varied audience type, Google feels that Meet can do just fine as Duo. According to Javier Soltero, who leads the company’s G Suite of services, it doesn’t feel right that Google Duo and Google Meet should coexist. Soltero is reportedly making a unified video calling replacement codenamed Duet, which will have Duo’s features integrated into Meet. It will include end-to-end encryption, 3D effects, and contacting users for a video via phone number.

Google issued the following statement in response to 9to5Google, saying “we’ll continue to invest in building new Duo features.” It also noted that the messaging team is looking at ways to improve existing video calling products “alongside one another,” which could mean more independent features or a potential merger.

We’re fully invested in Duo, which has seen astonishing growth during the pandemic. People around the world are relying on video calling more than ever, and we have no plans to interrupt that. We’ll continue to invest in building new Duo features and delivering a delightful experience for our users, customers and partners. We brought the Duo organization under Javier Soltero’s leadership in May, and it follows that we’re looking at ways that our video calling products can improve alongside one another.

Either way, no immediate plan to shut down Duo seems forthcoming, so users can enjoy the video calling experience on Duo with support from Google just as normal. Even though Google plans to ax Duo in the future, there would be sufficient transition period, or a simple redirect to Meet (or maybe Duet).

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