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Google releases Android 11 with new Privacy features and more

Finally after months of developer preview.



Android 11

Google officially released Android 11, after months of developer preview. The 18th major software release to the Open Source Operating System highly focuses on Privacy, Control and People-centric approach to communication. The official release was confirmed in a blog post on Android Developers’ blog.

Out of many improvements in the Android 11 operating system, there are some major changes in notification for messaging apps. Android 11 will now keep the conversation notification separate from other notifications. Conversation notifications will now appear on the top of the notification shade. Messaging apps can use the Bubble API to help users multitask and view messages at the same time.

Android 11 Device Controls

Users with Android 11 can access major device controls by simply long pressing the power button. A separate “quick settings” function is added to render controls and audio information. It also has a built-in screen recorder. Previously, this feature was only available through a third-party application.

Android 11 also sports a one-time permission feature. Users can now provide access to device microphone, camera and location just for a single time use. If users haven’t used an app in a long time, then they will have to re-grant the access. In addition, apps can only use the background location after the user grants access to the foreground location.

Android 11 is packed with other improvements like BiometricPrompt API, Enhanced 5G support and Synchronized IME transitions to name a few. The update will be first available for devices including OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme and a number of Pixel devices. More compatible devices to follow soon.

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