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Microsoft outlines improvements to the Edge browser

Under-the-hood changes for a faster and more efficient Edge.



Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge’s Principal Program Manager, Kim Denny recently outlined the performance changes made in the Edge browser. The Edge web browser received some major improvements on speed, responsiveness, resource usage, and size.

To increase the browsing speed, Edge added Profile-Guide Optimization (PGO) in version 81 and Link Time Optimization (LTO) in version 83. The addition of PGO and LTO into the Edge system increased the browsing speed by 13 percent in comparison to previous versions of Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has also improved the browser’s scroll animation. This improvement was made earlier in April and included some scrolling personality improvements. Users can now experience a smoother and more responsive Microsoft Edge.

On the other hand, the Microsoft Edge reduced the amount of memory and CPU power the browser needs. An update to Windows 10 in May incorporated system improvements that showed memory reductions of up to 27 percent in internal testing.

The size of the Edge app has also been reduced by half. Denny explained that the reduction in the file size will help users maximize their personal device storage and enjoy a faster browsing experience. Microsoft said that it will be announcing more exciting updates in the coming months.

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