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Google Meet rolling out breakout rooms for some education users

Instant group discussions made easy on Meet, with up to 100 breakout rooms.



Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Now call participants in Google Meet can divide the entire group into different sub-groups for instant small discussions. A recent G suite update has added a feature through which meeting attendees can divide themselves in up to 100 breakout rooms. Mostly focused to facilitate educators, this new feature will enable them to split students for small group conversations (or discussions).

In breakout rooms, participants will be randomly and equally divided through the system. The moderator can choose doing so manually as well. Moderators will also be able to enter inside the breakout rooms to monitor their performance. Although only meeting creators can create breakout rooms, all participants with a google account can be a part of it. Meeting creators are required to operate breakout rooms only through a computer.

Google says breakout rooms will be available after an update to Enterprise for Education users in the next few days. This new update from Google will help meetings around the world be more interactive – for those who rely on Google Meet. Competitors like Zoom already offer breakout rooms, so it was just about time Google added it.

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