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Twitter is testing a new way to find accounts to follow

You’ll see a larger list of suggested accounts to follow.



Twitter Android

Twitter is bringing a new way to find accounts to follow for users. Twitter Support recently tweeted that they are testing a new feature on Android devices, suggesting a group of relevant accounts to follow with just one tap.

Twitter currently shows a small list of accounts as suggestions whenever a user follows a new profile. The new feature will display a larger list of accounts on the profile page of someone who the user just followed. Twitter uses algorithms to suggest accounts which may be relevant to the profiles that a user frequently visits (via TechCrunch).

Similarly suggestions can be based on shared worked place or profiles that have similar content. For instance when a user follows a Fashion brand on Twitter another brand with similar interaction will be suggested to the user. The feature will allow users to follow all suggested accounts at once, meaning users don’t have to individually click the follow button to follow all the profiles.

Besides this users can instantly remove all the suggestions at once by tapping the cancel button. A cross mark will be located on the top-right corner for the same. Twitter has not mentioned whether this feature will be available for iOS devices. Android users will start seeing this feature soon, if not already.

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