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Apple launches mentorship program for first-generation college students

The program is named Launch@Apple.



Launch@Apple Mentorship Program

A new mentorship program has been launched by Apple, aiming to help first-generation college students majoring in finance, economics, and accounting. Named as Launch@Apple, it is set to be launched in early 2021 with opportunities for jobs, paid externships, and paid internships.

The program will “focus on the essentials to manage and then excel in school and work” and will provide resources for “learning and opportunities for personal and professional growth.”

This program hasn’t been publicly announced by Apple; the news came to highlight when Apple engineer Logan Kilpatrick tweeted about the opportunity. The program is launched for students whose parents were not able to obtain a college degree.

Students who are in the first or second year of college and are planning to major in finance, economics, accounting, or similar discipline like business, mathematics, commerce are eligible for Launch@Apple.

Applications are now open and interested students can apply by January 8, 2021. The application form contains a number of questions which is to be filled by the interested candidate and should be sent to [email protected] before the due date. More information on applying for this mentorship program can be accessed here (via MacRumors).

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