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Facebook plans to roll out its podcast product next week

It will be launching on June 22.



Facebook company

Facebook is set to launching its long-awaited podcast product next week, precisely on June 22. The company eventually will add a feature that will enable listeners to create clips from their favorite podcasts.

As per the email sent to podcast page owners, viewed by The Verge, hosts are able to link their show’s RSS feed to their Facebook page, which will automatically generate a playable News Feed for every episode published. Those receiving the invitation from Facebook over email have confirmed that Facebook plans to add a podcast clips feature, allowing listeners to create and share snippets of podcast episodes.

Episodes will begin appearing on the creator’s Facebook page shortly after the feature goes live on June 22. People following the page will be notified automatically every time a new episode rolls out. And listeners will be able to comment on the episodes as well as tag their friends. This will give a boost to the creators as well.

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