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Elevation Lab introduces the ‘TagVault: Fabric’ AirTag holder

The company touts it as the “first AirTag fabric mount.”



Elevation Lab TagVault: Fabric

Elevation Lab, a popular accessory maker, has launched a new AirTag holder called TagVault: Fabric. It’s a fabric mount for Apple’s tracking device that can be discreetly used with many fabrics. The company touts it as the “first AirTag fabric mount.”

The TagVault: Fabric AirTag holder can be easily attached through its adhesive base to a variety of fabric items such as luggage, bags, knapsacks, coats, camera bags, and more. The accessory is flexible and can move around firmly when attached to a fabric. It is made to blend in and move with the fabric so that it is hidden from view by would-be burglars.

According to Elevation Lab, the TagVault: Fabric can adhere to nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubberized fabrics, and GORE-TEX, with full adhesive strength reaching after 24 hours. However, the holder doesn’t work with leather, suede, fibrous fabric, or anything stretchy. Elevation Lab states that it is not designed to be reused although it is removable.

The TagVault: Fabric for AirTag is available for purchase from Elevation Lab’s website for $13.95. A pack of two costs $19.95, and a pack of four costs $29.95.

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