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Google Cloud Platform Now Offers $100,000 In Credit For Early-Stage Startups



Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Platform for Startups, a new Google initiative announced at ‘Google for Entrepreneurs Global Partner Summit’ is offering you up to $100,000 Cloud Platform credit for 365 days to host your applications on its huge servers. Alongside the storage space, you’ll be able to schedule ‘Office hours’ for 1:1 technical architecture reviews, and an exclusive 24/7 support over the phone.

The offer is now ready for all the startups around the sphere with some eligibility keys. In order to use this $100,000 Cloud Platform credit jackpot, your startup must be under the 5th year label and generate less then $500,00 in annual revenue. Plus, the startup should also be a part of one of 50 Google’s partners including accelerators, incubators and VC funds around the world.

We want developers to focus on code; not worry about managing infrastructure. – Google

“We want developers to focus on code; not worry about managing infrastructure,” said the Google Cloud Platform team, linking this offer to the service’s core theory.

While the Startup Weekend is happening across the globe, this can be an effective marketing word to overcome its major competitors including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft BizSpark, which offers $15,000 in AWS credits and $150 in Azure credits on a monthly basis, respectively.

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