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Startup Weekend: Build A Startup In 54 Hours



Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend, a 54-hour long event which happens in more than 700 cities and has already created 13,000+ startups in the line. The weekend event is meant to gather developers, marketers, product managers, and startup enthusiasts to boost the spirit of Entrepreneurship through various means including technology.

Powered by Google for Entrepreneurs, Startup Weekend allocates a platform for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to test whether their ideas look good with ‘feasible’ label or not. Half of the weekenders at the event are of technical (or design) background, and the rest have entrepreneurial background. Linear to that, the exclusive weekend is globally partnered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Coca-Cola, Go.Co, and of-course my favorite Google.

Kicking-off the open mic pitches on Friday, the participants express their respective ideas and designs onboard and rouse other attendees to come and join their team for a Minimal Viable Product (MVP), at-least for them. After initializing the team, the weekenders start working on it to make their startup a real game-changer.

The LEAN Startup methodologies, idea validation and customer development gets the spotlight under the mentorship of the team’s respective mentors (experts) on Saturday and Sunday, as the final presentation (demo) of their Startup goes live on Sunday evening. During that Sunday evening, Startup prototypes are reviewed and arbitrated by the panel of judges with their valuable feedback and more.

The event protocol is same for all 700+ cities where Startup Weekend is happening, or is scheduled to happen.

I created a company in 54hrs, What did you do last weekend? – Startup Weekend(er)s

Currently, Startup Weekend is happening in most of the countries across the world and many are yet to be, maybe the next weekend or next’s next weekend. But, In my city Kathmandu, the Startup Weekend has already started (Sept. 12, Friday) and is even on the verge of clinch for this weekend.

Startup Weekend Kathmandu

Well, this is the fifth volume of Startup Weekend Kathmandu, started back in October 2012. The weekend here featured over 50+ passionate weekender willing to roll in the flavor of Entrepreneurship with their passion. The attendees here pitched really wonderful ideas to flip into reality, a Startup actually.

To know more about the ideas pitched and showcased at Startup Weekend Kathmandu, head over to the official home of Startup Weekend Kathmandu, right here.

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