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Syrian Electric Army Hacks ‘The Independent Newspaper’ & A Host Of Other Media Websites



Syrian Electric Army Hack

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) hacker group has hacked some of the world’s high-profile media websites including The Independent, Telegraph, CNBC, and a host of other sites. The hacked websites are reading “You’ve been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA)“ in a pop-up which denies one’s access to the respective sites and redirects to an image hosting site.

According to reports from Twitter, the London Evening Standard, PC World, Forbes, OK Magazine, Chicago Tribune and VentureBeat have also been affected by the Syrian Electric Army’s attack. The Independent and Telegraph confirmed this attack through their official twitter channels, have a look below.

UPDATE: The Independent has just reported that the syrian hackers hijacked the hacked sites’ DNS (Domain Name System) through Gigya comment platform (the hacked sites’ comment system), and used it to steal data including texts and images. But fortunately, no data was compromised and the issues are fixed.

VIA: TheNextWeb

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