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Google Launches Its First Branded Physical Shop In London



Google on Wednesday inaugurated its first-ever branded physical shop in London. The store entitled ‘The Google Shop’ is now open at Currys PC World in London.

Google will use its branded shop to sell Chromebooks, Comecast dongles, and Android devices. Besides the major products, Google will also brief services like Google Apps to the interested ones.

In addition, store visitors will be able to experience Google’s tools and applications in a unique way, for instance, customers can create graffiti with a digital spray can on a doddle wall inside the store. Moreover, there’s a surround screen setup called Portal that allows customers to fly around the world through Google Earth, virtually though.

The Google Shop will hold various tech-related public events to let people know more about topics like online security, mobile technology, and of course, Google technologies. For instance, ‘Virtual Space Camps’ for children to help them better understand the basics of coding.


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