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Latest Windows 10 Technical Preview Video Leaked



An unreleased build of Windows 10 has been leaked online, the video leak shows off Windows 10 desktop running an updated Task Viewe and a dedicated Wi-Fi panel. The build version spotted in this leak is 10036.

As of the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview available, users are required to use full Settings app to connect to a Wi-Fi network, but the leak shows off a dedicated Wi-Fi selection panel on the task bar.

On the other hand, the Task View includes a “New Desktop” indicator in the bottom right corner of the desktop and also the ability to drag-and-drop apps across multiple desktops – similar to the Mac OS X. Leaked video is embedded below, take a look!

[videoembed type=”youtube” url=””]

Update: A new video featuring the installation screen of Windows 10 Technical Preview has surfaced the web. The leaked video shows an installation screen very different than the current builds assigned to the Insiders – the UI has changed. Check out the video below!

[videoembed type=”youtube” url=””]

VIA / Windows Central

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