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Fawesome Apps Launches Carpool Kathmandu App



Fawesome Apps’ latest product has already crossed the three-digit mark when it comes to download. Called Carpool Kathmandu, the app lets you ask for a ride or offer one. Needless to say, all for free. Carpooling…you know!

Though not restricted to country-specific access, the Carpool Kathmandu app is specifically designed and developed for people residing in Nepal.

Design-wise, the Carpool Kathmandu app has an easy-to-use human interface. In addition to the ‘Ask’ and ‘Offer’ tabs, the app also features an entertaining ‘Story’ section, where the app users can share their stories all-about carpooling.

The Carpool Kathmandu app is currently available only on Android platform; the iOS counter-part is under development. But there’s an alternative, too. The app’s official Facebook group is also offering the same service.

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