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You can now make Skype calls using Siri on your iPhone 



Skype for iOS with Siri

Microsoft is rolling out an update to Skype for iOS that integrates cool iOS 10 features into it. With Skype 6.5 on iOS, you can now perform most of Skype tasks without launching the app first.

Thanks to SiriKit, which Apple made available to developers recently, you can now make Skype calls using Siri on your iPhone. Say you want to call Justin on Skype, simply say ‘Call Justin’ to Siri and you’re good to go – assuming that you have Justin’s Skype contact saved.

Not only your Skype contacts are seamlessly integrated with your iOS device, the usage of CallKit in iOS 10 takes it even further graphically, with Skype 6.5 for iOS. Incoming calls on Skype now adapt to iOS 10’s user interface, making it easy to switch between or answer Skype and regular calls using the native iOS functionality.

The Skype 6.5 update for iOS is now available to download from the App Store. Skype for Business iOS Apps will receive SiriKit and CallKit functionalities starting in October.

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