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Google debuts a $129 smart router, Google Wifi



Google Wifi router

We’re not over just yet! Google’s new networking hardware is a Wi-Fi router, Google Wifi. You read it right. It isn’t an official upgrade to the last year’s OnHub, but it’s built upon the same foundation.

Google Wifi is a $129 router that is supposed to behave smart in terms of connectivity and speed. Using mess network topology, Google WiFi creates a high-powered connection, and makes use of multiple access points to eliminate dead zones. These access points together create a large network that’s capable of providing consistent speed and strength to all your connected devices.

Google Wifi router

The smart router comes with a companion app that lets you pause Wi-Fi on kids’ devices, see bandwidth usage across other connected devices within your network — and more.

Google WiFi will be available for pre-order in November, shipping starting in December, for $129, and a pack of three will cost you $299.

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