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Samsung announces Samsung Pay Mini for Android



Samsung Pay Mini

Samsung has announced Samsung Pay Mini, an online payment service that will work on all Android devices. The service will be available as a mobile app via Google Play Store when it launches later this quarter in South Korea, followed by global release at a later date.

In order to make use of Samsung Pay Mini, you will need an Android phone of 1280×720 screen resolution, and running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher; that’s all. Samsung Pay Mini will let you perform all sort of major online transactions, with exclusive access to select Samsung Pay services, including membership, lifestyle, and transportation, within the app itself.

You won’t be able to use Samsung Pay Mini for offline payments like Samsung Pay, as the latter requires hardware tie-up with the phone to work, which is certainly limited to select Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung will entertain a pre-launch trial of the Samsung Pay Mini app in South Korea on February 9, allowing users to download and test the service before it goes public.

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