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Facer 4.0 now available with Watchmaker Series, Verified Accounts



Facer 4.0 Update

Facer, the world’s largest watch face marketplace for smartwatches, has received a massive update. The Facer 4.0 update includes new features as well as a variety of new watch faces from well-known watchmakers.

Facer 4.0 brings in Watchmaker Series, a section dedicated to digital watch faces from genuine brands — no fan art here in this box. Brands such as MVMT, Maurice Lacroix, ArtyA, Snyper, VAER, and Manufaktor Waldoff have partnered with Facer for Watchmaker Series.

To ensure the authenticity of these brands, Facer has added support for Verified Profiles. The Twitter-like blue check-mark will help users identify whether the watch face design is from a verified brand or a fan-made art.

There are changes to Facer’s website as well as mobile app. The new Showcase View allows for exploring the look of a watch face on several Android Wear and Tizen devices, with media carousel consisting of watch face imagery from the publishers. If you’re a Facer partner, then you’ll be glad to know that Facer has surprises for you, too. Wrist Selfies, HTML5 Widgets, Facer Analytics, and Brand Protector are part of Facer Partner update. (It’s built into Facer 4.0 update itself.)

The Facer 4.0 update is currently serving hot on Google Play Store. Grab it now, if you’re on Android Wear or Tizen. Unfortunately, it leaves Facer’s iOS counter-part in shade.

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