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Apple updates Mac mini with double the storage



Mac mini

Next to the new MacBook Air, Apple also refreshed the compact Mac mini. It now comes with double the storage capacity, compared to previous model, at base configuration.

Starting at $799, the Mac mini now comes with 256GB SSD, which in previous model was just 128GB. Powering the standard variant is an 8th-generation Intel Core i3 processor (3.6GHz quad-core) paired with 8GB of RAM and Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU. The $1,099 Mac mini jumps to 512GB of storage with Intel Core i5 processor (3GHz hexa-core). There’s also an option to go up to 2TB of storage for build-to-order purchases.

While both priced variants have an increment in storage space, everything else remains the same. Apple’s least expensive Mac comes in the same compact design, all made from 100 percent recycled aluminum.

The new Mac mini is available on Apple’s website, and currently ship in one business day.

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