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New iPad Pro ads show what it can do



Apple iPad Pro Ad

Apple has shared two new iPad Pro ads on its YouTube channel, following its launch this week. The ads highlight new features that debuted alongside the new iPad Pro, and shows how versatile the tablet can be and replace most PCs.

The first video says “Your next computer is not a computer,” which makes sense along the video as it highlights day-to-day activities done on an iPad Pro instead of a laptop. From editing text documents to playing high-power games, the iPad Pro is the computer that you need, according to how the device is portrayed in the video. And it actually makes sense now that we have trackpad support coming in iPadOS 13.4.

While the first ad is pretty conventional as how Apple highlights its products, the second one is a little ironic. Described as “How to correctly use a computer,” the video ad starts with a retro voiceover instructing how one should use a computer. The voiceover takes you down the memory lane when touching the screen wasn’t recommended while using a computer, however, the video does the exact opposite. Watch the video below.

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