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Apple TV Plus acquires Werner Herzog’s new documentary ‘Fireball’

The documentary has no specific release date set yet.



Werner Herzog

Apple announced that it has partnered with Werner Herzog and geoscientist Clive Oppenheimer in a new documentary “Fireball,” which will be premiered globally on Apple TV Plus. The documentary was announced in 2018, and now Apple has acquired the rights to the film.

“Fireball” will make audience explore the cultural and physical influence that meteors, comets, and deep impacts have made on Earth in reference to mythology and human imagination.

Following their Academy Award-nominated work on “Encounters at the End of the World” and Emmy-nominated “Into the Inferno,” Herzog and Oppenheimer’s new film “Fireball” takes viewers on an extraordinary journey to discover how shooting stars, meteorites and deep impacts have focused the human imagination on other realms and worlds, and on our past and our future.

This documentary is produced by Spring Films, and directed by Herzog and Clive Oppenheimer, who had previously teamed up in two other documentaries “Encounters at the End of the World” in Antarctica and “Into the Inferno.” The “Fireball” documentary has no specific release date set yet.

Apple has also captured documentaries like “The Elephant Queen,” “Boys State,” and “Beastie Boys Story” for Apple TV Plus in the past.

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