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Apple acquires movie rights to ‘Cherry’ for more than $40 million

Starring Tom Holland, the film will premiere in early 2021.



Apple TV Plus

Apple has acquired rights to the upcoming movie “Cherry,” a crime drama that limelights the drug problem of a US Army veteran. Apple has paid more than $40 million for the movie, which is directed by Anthony and Joe Russo, reports Deadline. Previously, the duo worked together for “Avengers: Endgame.”

“Cherry” is an adaptation of a novel written by Nico Walker, based on his personal struggles with PTSD, heroin addiction and crime starring actor Tom Holland. Holland, who is known for his role as Spider-Man, plays Walker, who servers in the military after rejection from a lover. After joining the Army medic in Iraq, he gets traumatized by the experiences and suffers from PTSD. After being prescribed to Oxycontin, he shifts to herion and begins to rob banks to fufill his expensive needs.

Making it one of the biggest film deals of the year, Apple is planning to release “Cherry” in early 2021 on its streaming platform, Apple TV Plus.

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