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Apple to disable ‘Sign in with Apple’ for Epic Games on September 11

No more signing in with Apple for Epic.



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Apple will not allow users to sign in to Epic Games using ‘Sign in with Apple’ starting from September 11. After terminating Epic’s developer account, Apple is now disabling access to other services such as ‘Sign in with Apple,’ Epic confirmed in a tweet.

Epic gave players a two-day heads-up for those who were using the ‘Sign in with Apple’ option. This is to ensure user email address and password are up to date, so they don’t lose access to their accounts. Epic also shared a link to details on how email address and password can be updated.

If any player fails to update their credentials before September 11, then they won’t be able to log in with their Apple account. However, the account can be recovered manually, if players contact Epic Games, reports MacRumors.

‘Sign in with Apple’ lets users sign in to apps and services using their Apple ID. The feature was introduced with iOS 13 last year to offer better privacy protection through options like Hide My Email.

UPDATE: Apple has provided Epic Games with an indefinite extension for ‘Sign in with Apple.’ Epic is still recommending users to update their accounts as soon as possible.

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