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Nomad announces Card for AirTag to track your wallet

You can pre-order the accessory at a price of $19.95.



Nomad Card for AirTag Accessory

Nomad, a premium producer of Apple accessories, has launched a new product for the recently launched AirTag. The accessory is a card-sized AirTag holder, and it’s called Card for AirTag.

Card for AirTag is a credit card size AirTag holder that makes it easier to track your wallet. With a smooth uniform shape, Card for AirTag allows you to keep an AirTag in your wallet without having an unsightly circular bump like you would get by putting an AirTag in your wallet by itself. Card for AirTag is simple to use, just pop in your AirTag and slide into your wallet.

The Nomad Card is capable of fitting the AirTag seamlessly for those who want to keep track of their wallet without feeling a circular bump. The accessory has a slot that allows the AirTag to pop in and avoid a circular bump in the wallet. Users will have ease in inserting and removing an AirTag from the Card when required, with a uniform snap-in enclosure.

Nomad Card for AirTag

Although the Card will make tracking your wallet easier to some extent, it will still consume a lot of space in the wallet due to the thickness. Polycarbonate is the component that has been used to frame the card. It consists of a soft-touch TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) surface giving it a smooth and premium touch.

Nomad has launched the Card for pre-order at a price of $19.95. Plus, it is offering a $5 discount on the purchase of the card bundled with a Nomad wallet.

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