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Telegram’s update introduces reactions, hidden text, and more

Finally, themed QR codes on Telegram.



Telegram 2021 Update

Telegram has rolled out an array of new features in its latest update. The features include text reaction, hidden text, message translation, and themed QR codes.

Telegram users can now react to messages sent in private chats by default. In groups and channels, the admins need to enable this feature manually. There is a default reaction set included, which can be changed accordingly via Settings. For Android users, they will need to navigate to Chat Settings > Quick Reaction. Likewise, iOS users will need to head to Stickers and Emoji > Quick Reaction.

The hidden text feature, which Telegram calls Spoiler, enables users to hide a portion of their text. To send a Spoiler, one needs to select the portion of the text they want to hide, tap the B/I option, and then select the “Spoiler” formatting. Sending text this way makes it blurry unless it’s tapped on.

The Telegram messenger has introduced language translation in messages as well. A text can be translated by long-pressing the text bubble to reveal the “Translate” option. The translation feature can be enabled via Settings > Language. The languages available for translation depend on the operating system of the device. Users can also list the languages they are proficient at to prevent the “Translate” option from appearing.

Finally, themed QR codes on Telegram. Users with a public username can now share their Telegram accounts using themed QR codes. The same goes for groups, channels, and bots. More information about this Telegram update is available here.

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